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It was so lovely to welcome baby Rayne and her family into my studio in Eversley, Hampshire.

The children were so fun and as you can imagine, very energetic. That’s what I love about newborn photography sessions though, the energy you receive from every member of the family is completely different.

I love that families can come to my studio, relax and be themselves. I never pressure parents into making children sit and stare, they are free to run around and m

ake mess for hours on end. Being a parent myself, I know how important it is to feel welcomed in a space with my children. All children, of all ages are welcome at my studio 🙂

These guys did so well, they absolutely love their little sister Rayne. They all wanted to take turns being the one to hold her in the photo, and then to give her kisses. Siblings bonds are so very strong, even from an early age. It is always my goal to capture the bond and love between families within the session, so they have memories to last a lifetime.

If you are interested in finding out more about intimate boudoir sessions, please do contact Basingtoke boudoir photographer Yasmin Anne. All sessions are held within my studio in Everlsey, Hampshire.

Yasmin Anne is a newborn baby photographer, based near Basingstoke. She covers a large area of the country.

 Hampshire newborn baby photography | Reading newborn baby photography | Farnborough newborn baby photography