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Beautiful baby Georgina, as she entered the studio she was wide awake and completely alert!

She loved to have cuddles, and did not love to sleep haha. I think she was awake most of the time, but that’s ok it meant more snuggles for me! This is why it’s so important to me, as a newborn baby photographer, just to go along at babies pace. I was more then happy to grab plenty of awake shots of Georgina, as well as images with her parents. When she did sleep, I worked quickly to ensure we got a few images of her eyes closed, looking peaceful.

Every session I conduct is completely baby led, I have no expectations of your baby and there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ baby. Every child is different, and that goes for newborn baby too. It’s my goal to capture their ever growing personalities, and the relationship between you all as a family.

Newborn baby photography is generally captured within the first 6 weeks of babies life. This is because baby is all squishy, sleepy and curly in this stage. They love to curl up into little balls like they were in the womb and often sleep most of the time (not in this case haha) but if, for any reason, you can’t get to your shoot within the first 6 weeks, I can photograph babies at any age 🙂

I love this session, because of the connection between the parents with each other, and Georgina. It makes my heart sing, when I can feel the love between a family, by looking at their images…

If you are interested in finding out more about newborn baby family sessions, please do contact Basingtoke boudoir photographer Yasmin Anne. All sessions are held within my studio in Everlsey, Hampshire.

Yasmin Anne is a newborn baby photographer, based in Hampshire. She covers a large area of the country.

 Hampshire newborn baby photography | Reading newborn baby photography | Farnborough newborn baby photography