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I have to say, I am now obsessed with boudoir. I have officially caught the bug. This is only my second shoot this year, but I’m already completely hooked. This time I really wanted to brave the cold, Hampshire countryside and get outdoors. Outdoor boudoir photography in this country is quite rare, especially this time of year, so it’s something I really wanted to try.

Emma was such a star, she waded through mud and climbed trees, all in the name of art. Thank goodness for her big fur coat, she would have freezed otherwise! The results were beyond my expectations, completely. I love the wirey, almost haunted shape of the woods compared to the slight, beautiful frame of Emma.  It’s not often I get to create real artwork, but I feel I did in this session.

I would highly recommend doing a mix of indoor and outdoor boudoir photography. I know it’s a little scary, but the results are breathtaking. Images and artwork for you to keep for a lifetime.

Here is what Emma had to say about her intimate boudoir experience:

“I truly loved every second of my shoot with Yasmin. From the pre-shoot prep when we were discussing outfits, hair and makeup to seeing that first edited image. The whole experience was just wonderful.

I wasn’t even nervous – probably down to the fact Yasmin and I had spoken so much beforehand and because I was just so excited, to have my photo taken by such a talented, artistic photographer.

Yasmin is a big advocate for the female body and truly believes all women are beautiful. I knew because of this, she would create the most incredible photos, which would highlight and flatter my figure. And boy, did she deliver!

I still haven’t stopped looking at the photo’s and it’s been well over a week since the shoot. I keep taking a sneaky glace and saying to myself “is that really me?!?” – I’m genuinely blown over by how stunning they are! Yasmin knew what positions to put me in, to showcase my curves. She knew where to pose me, to take advantage of the beautiful natural light, in her spacious studio. She even took into account my ‘good side’.

Since having a baby, it’s fair to say I’ve struggled a little getting used to my new ‘mummy body’. In fact, in all honesty, I’ve never really accepted my figure. I have always had insecurities about my ‘problem areas’. I can honestly say, doing this shoot has given me a newfound confidence and a new appreciation for what I have.

I would never have imagined that I’d be comfortable stripping down to my underwear and having my photo taken, let alone showing the final images to anyone! But since receiving the photos, I’ve literally been showing them to anyone I come across (except my parents of course, haha!) It is a surprise for my husband, for valentines day which I know he is going to love!

Thank you again Yasmin! Us mummies spend our whole lives doing everything for other people, but sometimes its nice just to take some time out and do something for ourselves. What better boost than a set of beautiful photos, which we can look back on in 50 years time! When we are all wrinkly, we can say to ourselves ‘ Fair play, I looked pretty good in my heyday!’ “ -Emma


If you are interested in finding out more about intimate boudoir sessions, please do contact Basingtoke boudoir photographer Yasmin Anne. All sessions are held within my studio in Everlsey, Hampshire.

Yasmin Anne is a boudoir photographer, based near Basingstoke. She covers a large area of the country.

 Hampshire boudoir photography | Reading boudoir photography | Farnborough boudoir photography